HDR projects

The Newest Stage of Evolution in HDR Technology:


HDR photography reigns world wide as the only photography technique that really captures all image information. No camera sensor in the world can keep up with HDR – it is and remains a physical fact!


Real Lightroom Plug-in for Maximum Convenience

There are a variety of routes that lead to HDR projects 4, and now Lightroom is one of them! This genuine plug-in ensures maximum ease and comfort when editing your favourite photos.

Your Advantage: It integrates perfectly into your personal workflow


Ultra HDR, the New Generation of HDR with 64-bit Precision

If Franzis doesn’t define a new standard in HDR, who will? Our newest development is called Ultra HDR and is also the main component of HDR projects 4. Thanks to the exclusive 64-bit HDR engine from Franzis, HDR images have never been more realistic, detailed or full of contrast. This is the first time worldwide that this power boost has been implemented in HDR programs. But don’t worry, HDR projects 4 still operates on 32-bit systems and you can still profit from the improved internal performance.

Your Advantage: More precise results, even more detail and structure in your HDR images.


New Denoise Function for Truly Clear HDR Images

Some examples of how good can be made better: specialised denoise algorithms, like the banding-noise remover for consistent image errors, or how HDR processing can improve difficultly light settings.

Your Advantage: Subjects that were considered taboo can now be processed with HDR. The dirty look of some HDR images is now yesterday’s noise!


Integrated Cutting and Cropping

Set the image resolution and even crop as you please, directly in HDR projects 4.

Your Advantage: All photo editing steps in one program.

Includes free plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Lightroom!


The Official Tool for HDR Experts with Advanced Features:

  • NEW and Exclusive: Ultra HDR for photos that are even more impressive
  • NEW and Free: Full-fledged Lightroom plug-in included
  • NEW and Innovative: Sensitive selective photo editing, so that every individual area is treated with the best suitable effect
  • Ultra HDR
  • 134 Professional Presets: Fine tuned presets for fantastic looks
  • Algorithm browser for an interactive, graphically displayed selection of HDR algorithms
  • Optimisation variations and layer-blending modes
  • Selective drawing
  • World’s best alignment function