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Eliminate movements in the HDR image with interactive Ghosting Correction

When generating bracketing, a variety of movements, to the chagrin of many photographers, can hardly be avoided. Be it clouds and water, or vehicles and people. It never all stands still and not even a tripod will help. If the bracketing is then fused into an HDR image, more or less shadowy areas are created. Clearly, further action must be taken here. Preferably of course, without extensive manual intervention.


The above picture shows a 100% magnified area at a resolution of about 5000 pixels. Taking into account the dimensions of the whole picture, even the movements of relatively small objects, such as the people and the flag, were successfully corrected.


Already in the HDR preparation dialogue, when loading a series, the automatic Ghosting Correction can be used and values can be defined. Excellent results can be expected, particularly when activating the detailed forecast and selecting a suitable image-series design option. It is not always possible to already meet the optimal values at this point, but that is not the slightest problem.


Even after importing the bracketing, the same dialogue may be called up again at any time. But much better is the change from the post-processing window to the bracketing edit window, because the same automatic Ghosting Correction including great view of the merged image is available here.

The use of the motif-specific detailed prognosis is strongly recommended. For stubborn ghostings,  the weighting method congruence, or luminance congruence is also a very good choice. This way, the right combination of intensity and sharpness can be found easily. A manual removal of ghostings by weighting with the HDR-Painter, is therefore rarely necessary.


All settings can be immediately checked here, in real time. This is not unimportant, because the choice of the master image, and the method for weighting and fusion both influence it great deal. This way, the interactive Ghosting Correction let’s you achieve very delicate and perfect weighting and thus remove any ghosting quite quickly and accurately.