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Defining Cropping with Styles & Guides

No later than, when saving the final HDR image, the question of the optimal trim arises. In the best case, this is done by the rule of thirds, the golden cut, or the golden spiral. Unfortunately, as users, you may often not be able to count on appropriate aids and depending on experience, achieve a vague result at best. In that case, the only way left is an additional third-party software. That is not a problem here. The perfect cut can be performed before, during and after the image processing.


Is a trimming to be done before or during the work, it can be done with a click on the icon cut image data. It is located in the upper right toolbar, provided the additional functions are displayed. Otherwise, the corresponding window always opens while saving . In the latter case the additional possibility to set a subtitle, is provided. This title can be positioned below and above and adjusts its size automatically to the image excerpt. Nevertheless, different font sizes can still be defined. For better readability, a background can be inserted for the text.


As mentioned, one also has the option to seek guides in the form of the rule of thirds, the golden cut and the golden spiral. And of course, the lines can be hidden completely. Furthermore, all the lines can be mirrored horizontally and / or vertically.


Now it is possible, with or without inserted lines, to freely change the cut. But over a pull-up menu, there are a lot of styles available as well. If, for example, the original format should be maintained and only the cut be redefined, the format 3: 2, often in use for cameras, can be used. However, it lets you freely enter your very own data as well. Finally, the trimming can be changed back to the original with the double arrow or a button. Of course, the mentioned cropping windows can be always be called up from the file menu.