DENOISE projects

Denoise projects 2 Professional comes with a lot of new features and functions – compared to the previous version.

Check the list below to see all features at one place:

– Filter plug-ins for Adobe® Photoshop (from CS6) and Photoshop elements (from version 11)
– Plug-in for Adobe Lightroom (from version 4)
– The interface was visually completely revised
– Up to 40% faster image denoising through “smart noise prediction”
– Natural grain engine with automatic settings for the optimal denoise quality
– Image orientation was extensively revised for noise – stacking (main focus: astrophotography)
– Three different stages: fast, good, maximum
– Two orientation types: Turning, Shifting
– A new noise stacking mode “Lightframes + Dark/Flat” allows direct calculations of dark and flat frames with the individual exposures.
– In noise stacking, flat frames and light frames will be automatically calculated with a luminance corrector.
– In noise stacking there are now two methods to remove disturbances: Sigma-clipping, non-linear adjustments
– Denoising models up to ISO 4 000 000
– Two new pre-set categories “night shot” and “astro” with 19 new pre-sets
– 4 additional pre-sets in the category “mobile”
– New module “selective drawing” with intelligent paintbrush function for 9 different effects
– Blending in the original image, darken, brighten, intensify the colour, reduce the colour, strengthen the details, reduce the details, heighten the contrast, reduce the contrast
– New category “FX” in RAW module
– New filter in RAW module: dynamic brightness, trapezoid correction, chromatic light diffraction
– Support for 8 additional colour spaces (D65)