DENOISE projects

You can find the plug-ins on the start screen in the file „Plug-ins“. Chose within the file the file that corresponds with your Photoshop version (in the following example Photoshop CS6 is selected). Double click on the .zip file to unpack the Plug-In.

Pull out the unpacked Plug-In DENOISEprojects2ProfessionalFilter_PH6.plugin (PH7 with other Photoshop versions), before dragging and dropping the plug-in file in your Photoshop version. Normally the file will be called plug-in:

Start now your Photoshop version and upload an image, before navigating to
“Menu => Filter => Franzis => DENOISE projects 2 professional“

With a click start the plug-in. The image will now be opened in DENOISE projects 2 professional.
Now you will find that the program is in the Photoshop filter-plug-in mode. You will be able to edit the image as normal in DENOISE projects 2 professional.
Subsequently send the finished photo over the control “Apply” directly back into the Photoshop level, from where the photo originally came from.

With the control “Cancel” you remove the filter plug-in without sending the edited image back into the Photoshop level. The editing that took place in DENOISE projects 2 professional will be discarded as well.
The projects program will then automatically close. This is a compulsive mechanism of Adobe Photoshop.