DENOISE projects

Automatic mask adaptation to the corrections of distortions from RAW modules

The selective drawing and the RAW module work directly with one another. This includes the distortion corrector located within the RAW module. This distortion corrector is used fully automatically on all drawn masks.

In the image example we can already see that the sky has been masked.
When we correct the horizon of this image in the RAW module, the drawn mask will automatically adapt itself to the distortion corrector


The presets can be found on the left hand side of the program.


They are divided into 8 different categories. The first two categories Noise suppression and Optimise contain presets for different ISO areas i.e. from ISO 50 to ISO 2000000.

The categories Mobile and Web contain specially adapted denoising/ optimisation presets.

Night shot and Astro are, as the name already suggests, specialised for images taken by night as well as astrophotography.

With the category All it is possible to use all of the available presets at the same time. The category Custom shows only self-made pre-sets.

Favourite systems allows you to put your favourite presets in one folder.

Simply click on the star next to the preview image to select the preset.
As soon as you have one or several favourites, the category favourite is activated.

With a click on the favourite category you will immediately receive a display of your favourites.

The area import and export allows you to transfer presets.

The preset data will be saved in an .ini file. Over the export control you will be able to secure the currently chosen presets.

With the import control you will able to import presets that had previously been exported.

This way you can secure your work as well as exchange the presets with other users.