Use this method to crop images that have a white, gray, or black background. This method is also used to cut out areas of an object that also belong to the background.

First Application Example — Cropping Objects on White Surfaces Select your image from Album Mode and click the option labeled “Cut Out” in the menu bar.


Section with the calculated segments The image has now been segmented into separate sections according to their brightness levels, edges and coloration. Now click on the white background to crop the object.


The object is now perfectly cropped. The selected region now shows a green tint, the background blue. Now click on the Matting button to remove the background. Following this, click Apply and choose a new background for your object.
Second Application Example: Combing Inside/Outside Edge Matting with the Segmentation Method to flawlessly remove sections from the Inside region. Select the Image you would like to work with and click the Cut Out button. Now choose the Inside/Outside Matting method and select the inside and outside edges as usual. The cropped result now looks like this:

We immediately see that the sky between hat and arm still has to be removed. In addition, a small part of the arm was cut away and needs to be brought back.


In order to incorporate the sky region into the outside calculation, simply designate this area with the blue segmentation. The green segment selection should now be used to bring back the part of the elbow missing in the cropped result. Clicking Execute followed by Apply will finalized your edits. The result speaks for itself!