CutOut 2018 professional

Finest image details, precise cutting for creative photo montage with CutOut 2018 professional!


Create perfect photo montages with CutOut 2018 professional by cutting out objects with a few mouse clicks and inserting these into another photo – just as if you photographed your object in front of this background!


  • NEW: Directly swapping background layers is now easy! (pro-version)
  • NEW: Individual icon sizes, 4k compatible (pro-version)
  • NEW: Incl. 100 professional background photos


$ 89,00


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CutOut 2018 professional

Just download the following tutorial including sample pictures for beginners and get to know CutOut 2018. Quick start: Make a practical test now!

Compare CutOut 2018 professional with CutOut 2018 standard!

CutOut 2018 Cover

CUTOUT 2018 professional – Explore the Difference



CutOut 2018 is perfect for:


Cutting out individual objects per segment (only pro-version)

Inside/Outside edge matting

Stroke based matting

Mask modification tool (only pro-version)

Lossless scaling (only pro-version)

CutOut 6 professional - segement


Includes complete image processing and data management


CutOut 2018 promises to cut with high precision and in most cases automatically. For those who still want to post-process, you’ll find the suitable tools in the extensive tool range for surgical cut-out!

Tools for portrait retouch and exposure correction are available, as are tools for area correction or distortion correction. The portfolio is complete with integrated layer functions.

In summary: Everything is included needed by any ambitious photographer looking to improve their images. Further image processing software is no longer necessary!

Video Quick-Tips: get to know the new Features



CUTOUT 2018 – Chroma key-Matting

Now everyone can be a CUTOUT 2018 expert. Use the chroma key isolating method to separate objects from a uniform colored background easily.



CUTOUT – segmented masking

To cut out the motifs of your picture perfectly, to assemble your photos in their ideal positions and to take out annoying objects with a single mouse click.


New and exclusive:


NEW: Professional background management.

Background management is new in CutOut version 2018. Not every photographer, including professionals, has the correct background image needed for professional photo montaging. 100 of these graphics are included in CutOut 2018!

CutOut 2018 professional


Exclusive in the pro-version:


Save the pictures you´ve cut out in Adobe-Photoshop format or instantly use the integrated plugin.

Edit your pictures with the fully-fledged integrated picture editing software


CutOut 6 professional - verbesserung


Specialised for cutting out photos, retouching and composition:


Create the perfect photomontage by cutting out individual objects in just a few mouse clicks so that you can incorporate them into another photo. The whole thing will appear so realistic that it will look like as if you photographed the object with the new background. Let the creativity flow and create new fascinating pictures.
Place your motifs in front of a new background and adapt the colour temperature to fit the for- and background so that a realistic montage can be created. The time that you save in comparison to other cut out software is enormous, since the program doesn’t bombard you with highly complicated tools.

All CutOut Highlights at a glance

NEW: Directly swapping background layers is now easy! (pro-version)
NEW: Individual icon sizes, 4k compatible (pro-version)
Hair, fur and other filigree objects you will be able to cut out cleanly with a few mouse clicks (pro-version)
Plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop and Adobe® Photoshop Elements (pro-version)
Segmented micro cut edge recognition for white background
Chroma Key matting – Blue screen technology
Inner/outer edge matting
Tools for improving masks
Contour tool for precise quick selection
Selectable user interface light/dark
Further sharpening
For Windows and Mac




Cutout ExampleCutout Example







New modern interface

The cut out tool that anyone can use even for complicated objects: hair, grass, trees, leaves and all other filigree objects you will be able to cut out accurately and cleanly with this software.


CutOut 2018 professional - Interface


Latest CutOut Tutorials:



CutOut 2018 professional: $ 89,00


  • NEW: Directly swapping background layers is now easy! (pro-version)
  • NEW: Individual icon sizes, 4k compatible (pro-version)
  • NEW: Incl. 100 professional background photos


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CutOut 2018 professional

System Requirements




Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista, 32/64 bit, Dual Core Processor, 2 GB RAM, 2 GB HDD, Screen Resolution, 1024 x 768 Pixels, Graphic Card: DirectX-8-compatible, 128 MB, 24 bit colour depth




Mac OS X (10.11 and higher), 64 bit, Intel Processor/G5, 4 GB RAM, 2 GB HDD, Screen Resolution 1280 x 1024 Pixels.