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 FOCUS projects 3 professional
Stacking ModuleHQ stacking with internal 64-Bit processing
Max. Sharpening LayersUp to 500 sharpening layers
Focus-Stack Algorithm9
RAW-Developer Module
Sensor Scratch & Dust Correction
Selective Editing
SCA Procedure for the Finest Color Details
Color Tinting Module
Preset Favoriting System
Add-on System
Automatic Clarity Optimization
Automatic Image Optimization
Number of Presets 42
Number of Expert Filters43
Search Filter for Effects and Presets
Interface StylesCustomizable interface
Viewing QualityHigh quality display options
Side-by-Side Comparison Window
Layer Blending Methods43
Image FormatsRAW, TIFF, JPEG and many more
Undo Function with Timeline Display
3D Functions3-axis rotation, 3D lighting
Saving OptionsCropping with aspect ratios and guidelines
Sample Projects
Stand-alone Application
Plugin for Photoshop
Plugin for PS Elements
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