Results for CUTOUT 5 standard – CUTOUT 4 classic

 CUTOUT 5 standardCUTOUT 4 classic
Simple replacement of the background
Accelerated matting speed
Adapt the icon size
Including Plugin for Adobe® Photoshop and Adobe® Photoshop Elements
Improved! Algorithms for cutting out objects
NEW! Stroke based matting for white backgrounds
Chromakey cut-out methods
Improved! Chromakey matting
Inside/Outside edge mattind
Improved! Cut-outs with edge based inside/outside matting
Dark/Bright interface
Mask modification tool/ Make Edge natural looking technology
Create graphic background
Support for current camera models for a direct RAW processing
Contour tool for the precise selection of cut-out objects
Marker-Tool for tricky areas
Improved workflow for faster results
Album view/ Photo manager
Smart erase
Lossless scaling
Auto-Level/ Contrast
Color Adjustments
Lens Blur
Distortion correction
Content-aware resizing
Visual exposure correction
Visual color change
Grayscale/ Color
Noise reduction
Chromatic Aberration removal tool
Filter for clear skin (Digital Beauty)
Extended sharpening
Gaussian Blur
Starlight/ Gradient/ Diffuse Filters
Batch processing
Instant filters
Project saving with complete edit history
PNG format with transparency
Optimized for Windows 10
Date of ReleaseNovember 2014march 2013
BUYUpgrade to CUTOUT 5 Professional
Upgrade to CUTOUT 5 Professional
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