Results for BLACK & WHITE projects 5 – BLACK & WHITE projects 4

 BLACK & WHITE projects 5BLACK & WHITE projects 4
D65 Color Space support
Optimization-Assistant with adjustable opacity
Point of Interest
Spectral Sensitivity
Selective Painting Tool
Image Cropping with 71 templates
Image Variations in the Optimization-Assistant
Algorithms-Browser photo film/optimization/layers
Enhanced RAW Module features
Gallery function presets
File Save Configuration
Scratch/Sensory Error Correction
Selective Editing for Post-Processing Effects 56
Point of interest
Spectral sensitivity
Sensitive Selective drawing tool
Image tailoring with 71 format templates
Optimisation assistant variations
Film/optimisation/layer algorithm browser
Advanced RAW features
Gallery function presets
Configured file formats
Scratch & sensor spot correction
Selective editing for post-processing effects
Load & save project
Upload individual images
Save to 8-/16-bit format
Crop image
Undo and retrieve changes
Image data browser
Batch processing
Quality settings options
External program enhancement
Adobe® Photoshop plug-ins for CS6/Elements 11 and above
Adobe® Lightroom interface
Adobe® Lightroom plug-in
Set preview size
Adjustable interface style
Image preparation
Colour room conversion options16
White balance defaults14
RAW mode
Image area
Display border pixels
Horizontal image comparison
Vertical image comparison
Diagonal image comparison
Panorama view
Combine effects
Combine presets
Panorama mode
Import & export presets
Colour filter
X Colour
Colour toning
Film emulation
Real-time animation preview
Selective editing
Layer-blending mode
Post-processing effects90
Number of presets115
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