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 SHARPEN projects professional
Bluring reduction levels1 – auto
Bluring comparising window
Image sharpness categories7
HD colour protection
Out-of-Focus Analysis using the Point Spread Function
Selective Painter
Fine adjustments in Selective Painting Module
Point of Interest for efficient editing
Comparative magnifying glass
RAW Module with selectable camera profiles
Integrated batch-processing
Exposure bracketing creation using one image
Landscape image sharpening with the ‘Adaptive Gradient Sharpening’ procedure
‘Adaptive Multiscale Deconvolution’: innovative blur correction within a radius of 100 pixels
Portrait image sharpening
Fog and Haze correction
Optimized colour and luminance
Filter plugins for Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop & Photoshop Elements
Realtime calculation on/off
History viewer for quick accessto previous images/projects
Integrated cropping with 71 format templates and guide lines – such as the golden spiral
Comparison window including Adam’s luminance zone system
Undo function with integrated timeline display
Supports all standard camera RAW formats
Optimized processing through multi-processor support and graphic cards
Scratch and sensor error correction
Automatic blur correction
Selectable colour spaces
Direct printing
Customizable work interface
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