COLOR projects new features

Color projects 5 – The High-End Toolbox for the creative photographer.

Precisely and creatively develop color photographs.

COLOR projects professional offers unique new possibilities for transforming your digital images into magnificent works of art—all this with intelligently functioning tools within an efficient and transparent workflow. Explore all the COLOR projects new features here.

New Modern Interface
The fully equipped High-Tech Toolbox from COLOR projects 5 professional provides you with the necessities for creating real masterpieces. It provides access to a collection of finely adjusted Presets on the left and a variety of Expert Filters on the right. Arrange your favorite tools however you’d like, now in 4K resolution.

Achieve high-end results with the 160 finely adjusted presets, 145 valuable Expert Filters and the recently developed professional film emulation, complete with a grain engine and finely tuned color tone transformation function. With the film emulation, you can intensify as well as simulate the original appearance of film in your portraits.

Never has life been more colorful!
Discover the expressive capabilities and liveliness of your photos! COLOR projects’ ability to transform your images into wonderful works of art is sure to amaze and serves as the optimal tool for professional image editing throughout all fields of photography.


NEW! Included Filter Plug-in
COLOR projects 5 can be accessed in a number of different ways—and as of now directly from Adobe® Photoshop! Version 5 introduces a high-value Filter Plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop providing maximum comfort to your personalized workflow. You get to enjoy all the advantages of COLOR projects now embedded in Photoshop.


NEW! 160 Brand-new Presets
Mere seconds after importing your original image, COLOR projects 5 provides you with 160 alternative versions of your photograph. These can be 160 photo ideas, 160 modes of inspiration, 160 great recommendations, 160 tips … Every image is individually analyzed and applied with the optimal effects, not a single example is one in the same!