Colour Perception Lies in the Eye of the Beholder


HDR photography reigns world wide as the only photography technique that really captures all image information. No camera sensor in the world can keep up with HDR – it is and remains a physical fact!


Selective photo editing with intelligent, sensitive outline recognition


Quick optimisation assistant – desired effect with one click


Full-fledged, free Lightroom Plug-in included


Lightroom Plug-in for Maximum Convenience

A genuine plug-in ensures maximum ease and comfort when editing your favourite photos. Simply mark exposure series or images in your Lightroom library to then transfer them through the plug-in to COLOR projects 4. After optimising the shots, the results will be automatically imported back into Lightroom and added to the original images in your gallery.

Your Advantage: Thanks to the new Lightroom plug-in, you no longer have to be limited to the convenience of your image database


Quick Optimisation Assistant: Desired Effect with One Click

Yet another function for those who would rather spend their time on beautiful images than tedious controls, algorithms and effects. The quick optimisation assistant does it all with one click. A romantic night scene? Low-key? High-key? Or maybe super-brilliant instead?

Your Advantage: Get impressive results with less stress and the effect you want with a single click


New Integrated Cropping

You can now crop and set picture detail at your own leisure directly in COLOR projects 4. Furthermore, COLOR projects 4 also assists cropping through graphic tools like golden section or Fibunacci spiral templates.

Your Advantage: Basic photo editing features now be carried out in COLOR projects 4, so you have everything under one roof