COLOR projects

Come up to the top of the lighthouse with me, we can see the world from above! What does it look like though? Gray, flat clouds, a dreary sky, flat colors and a crooked horizon. For these photos, nothing was really working out. That said, the conditions are really good for a great photo: a classic, beautiful landscape, well composed with foreground and background, lots of dynamic the the grass and moving clouds. You can almost feel the harsh norther climate, but it unfortunately hardly evokes any emotion. PHOTO WORKS projects 3 changes that.

leuchtturm_1leuchtturm_4Rich Optimization
Launch PHOTO WORKS projects 3 and as soon as a photo is loaded, the default preset “Natural High Quality”. This preset includes basic effects like “denoising”, “sharpening”, and “color boosting”, as well as many others. If you compare the mini-previews of the before-and after photo , you’ll already notice how much potential is hidden in the original photo. The photo looks 100 times better!

And let’s be honest: You could probably just leave it with this basic edit. For example, if you came home with an entire series of the same types of photos, this is a convenient way to batch edit the all of the photos. This gives you a nice overview of the photos and you can decide which photos are worth fine-tuning. If you took the photos in RAW format, you can edit the photos directly in PHOTO WORKS projects 3’s integrated RAW-Editor.



Adjust Exposure, Color and Contrast, straighten the horizon and each step will bring you closer to having a real eye-catcher – just like you remember the scene to be! A special Preset that can be especially useful here is the “Landscape ND-Graduated Filter” with it’s local contrast adjustments that bring the light and colors of the coast to life without looking unnatural.

For a direct comparison, move your mouse over the photo!