ANALOG projects

Make your photos look really old! The vintage look is in, and it has been for quite a while! Back in the 90s there was a huge Lomographie hype that has come back again in the recent years.  It’s hard to imagine Smartphone photography without retro-filters, but even high end, professional photos are often given a vintage look. It’s simply hard to resist the charm of the past, and understandably so! Be it city trips, landscape photos or family snapshots, retro photo effects can make your photos stand out! The effect on photos of children is extra special, almost as if the photos were taken in a completely different era.



Photographic Time Travel

Bleached, scratched, dusty…A picture from Grandpa’s attic? Nope! One reason vintage filters are so popular is surely due to the possibility to go back and forth in time. You took the photo sonnenbrillen_3yesterday, but after a quick edit with ANALOG projects, it’s hard to tell which generation the photo is actually from.


If you’ve ever gifted someone with a photo calendar and have spent hours choosing the perfect photos, you know how difficult it can be to maintain a consistent look.  ANALOG projects makes such tasks easier: Simply open your photo, choose and apply a preset, save the new photo and that’s it! Vintage, stylish and totally modern! Let your next project be a “Retro Photo Calendar!”