ANALOG projects

You don’t have to travel as far as you might think to cure a case of Wanderlust. Big city flair, shopping and relaxing in cafes – a short city trip can be the perfect cure, especially if the trip is to beautiful Amsterdam! Besides the canals, coffee shops and Red Light District, the Dutch metropole has plenty of fascinating landmarks and beautiful architecture to offer. And to prevent the next case of Wanderlust, be sure not to leave your camera at home! Or maybe you should? You’ll have your Smartphone with you after all!


Smartphone vs Digicam

A selfie in AmsterdammSmartphone capabilities no longer only impress Tech-Freaks. Even nostalgics have learned to appreciate the many advantages of a Smartphone. Of course in the end it always depends on what a photo will be used for.  People who only want to share their photos on Social Media can save themselves the extra step of having to reduce the size of their photos. Prints and posters, on the other hand, are a different story.

The best thing to do is to just forget about all of these quality questions for now and enjoy your short trip, take in what the city has to offer and take photos whenever your feel like it. Let ANALOG projects worry about the right post-processing for stylish results later on! Said and done: With over 50 Presets for modern photo styles, you can quickly turn an uninspiring snapshot into an impressive gallery of masterpieces. And the best part of it all: The analogue inspired filters are true masters of illusion. Whether a photo’s resolution is too low, or your subject doesn’t stand out the way you had hoped, ANALOG projects will choose the perfectly fitting preset. Your photos will be ready for Facebook & Co. before you know it!



The poor quality of this Smartphone photo is no problem thanks to ANALOG projects!


For a direct comparison, move your mouse over the photo!