If you have no previous experience as a model, it is difficult to pose for great photos. Some posing tips that we mentioned below will help you take fine-art photography pictures.

How to Pose for Artistic Photos

Stunning portraits of celebrities on magazines or lookbooks always have a magic power that appeals to the readers’ eyes. They get those photos partly because of their make-up, costumes, and professionalism. Among these abilities, the determinant is that models know how to pose for photographs.

Nevertheless, not everyone comprehends rules to pose beautifully yet not cheesily. Many people, whenever they see the camera lens, will be frozen or just give a V sign. If you are also one of the “eternal enemies” of the camera, then follow these tips immediately. Surely perfect pictures will not be far from your reach.

1.) Hair styling

You often suppose that hair is an uncontrollable part of the body, but surprisingly, they can actually be controlled.

There is no rule for the “best” hairstyle because different people will look different even when they have the same hairstyle.




2.) Look Down

The gesture of looking down is favored by a lot of famous stars when taking street style photos.

Instead of looking directly at the lens, this action makes you look more classy.

To look down naturally, you can pretend to be stroking your hair, editing a bag or busily using your smartphone.



3.) Half face Pose

The most common style of posing is to take half a face.

For instance, leave only half the face in the corner of the camera lens.

Or else, you can pose the whole face and use your hand or something to cover half of your face.

This pose will make the photo more mysterious and seductive.


4.) Practice Smiling

Do you recognize it?

The vast majority of stars on the red carpet when taking photos often fix a kind of smile, although everyone has different expressions.

Because they have found the most suitable smile for themselves.

Ex international model, Tiffany Hendra, gave the most practical opinion: “Hold up your phone, take a few photos with different facial expressions until you find a photo with the most gentle smile.”

This is a necessary practice to achieve perfection.


5.) Do not let your Nose cover your cheeks

This is more complicated but still very important. When you don’t want to take a frontal face photo, turn to the side. Draw a line from the forehead to the chin, and your nose should not rest on that line. Notice this!

6.) Cover Eyes with Sunglasses

Usually, our photos lose points because the eyes are not captivating.

To prevent this, cover your eyes with cool sunglasses.

Not only can sunglasses help users look more “luxurious”, but they also match with all outfits.



7.) Toss the skirt

If you are wearing a beautiful spread skirt or sundress, do not be afraid to make the photo come alive by tossing the skirt.

This movement certainly takes quite a bit of time to capture, but the final will be beautiful and unique.




8.) Turn your back and glace at the Camera

This is an extremely elegant and seductive pose that many models apply to lookbook shoots or professional magazines by somehow showing off the curve on the back.

Turn around a bit, then tilt your face to look at the lens or look away.

Glancing eyes will become the key to making the photo much more attractive.



9.) Lift Arm

When posing for art photography, some people tend to press their arms straight to their bodies.

When taking pictures, this causes a number of problems.

Firstly, it makes them look quite shy and unnatural. Second, this obscures the curves of their bodies.

The forearms look bigger and coarser than usual.

Let’s fix this by lifting your arms up a bit so they don’t press against your body.

You should place your hand in a specific position, like on your hip.


10.) Light is Essential

According to the experience of portrait photographer Aaron Gil, the secret of getting a good shot is finding the bright spot on your face.

“Avoid large dark areas because your face seems darker.

Ideal light should start from the average distance between the forehead and the chin and cheeks,” he said.



11.) Ability to edit photos

Besides, mastering photo editing software is a must to create magical images.

Whether you are a reporter, marketer, designer, freelancer or just a creative photography enthusiast, it’s crucial to gain experience in posing under any circumstances.




Final Thoughts

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