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 HDR projects 4
Smart Detail Enhancement
Composing Function with up to 4 Layers
Integrated Hot Key Guide
Integrated List of supported RAW Formats
4K-Assisted Program Interface
Adjustable Font Sizes for Menus and Headers
Photo GPS Coordinates accessible in OpenStreetmaps
Gradient Presets for all Post-Processing Effects
New Selective Painting Effects (Contrast, Original Image …)
Individual HDR Algorithm Profile including Import and Export Interface
Automatic HDR Contrast Range Optimization
Variation Browser with Comparative Display
Expanded Grain module with adjustable ISO-value
D65 Color Space Support
Optimization Assistant with adaptable Opacity
Point of Interest
Sensitive Selective drawing tool
Ultra HDR technology
Selective editing for post-processing effects
Image tailoring with 71 format templates
Advanced RAW features
Configured file formats
Layer-blending mode
Optimisation assistant variations
HDR algorithms browser
Additional tone mapping and preset categories
Interactive ghosting removal
Gallery function presets
Scratch & sensor spot correction
Image data browser
Data filter
Individually select images to upload to browser
Max. number of images in an exposure series19
Save to 8/16-bit format
Save to HDR format
Batch processing
Restore image series
Image sequence player
Full screen view
Add-on system
Quality settings options
Automatic luminance conversion
External program enhancement
Adobe® Photoshop plug-ins for CS6/Elements 11 and above
Adobe® Lightroom interface
Adobe® Lightroom plug-in
Adjustable interface style
Freely set interface style
Colour room conversion options16
White balance defaults14
Alignment settings5
Automatic ghosting correction
– Adjust edge sharpness
– Detail assesment
– Motive type
– Intensity
360° panorama mode
Denoise original images
Number of noise removal settings4
Exposure optimisation settings2
Display border pixels
Luminance map
Retrospective alignment
Horizontal image comparison
Panorama viewer
Adjustable HDR gamma values
HDR algorithms9
HDR painter
Advanced painter brush functions
Export exposure series
RAW mode
Freely selectable master image
Number of post-processing filters69
Number of presets82
Combine presets
Import & export presets
Real-time animation preview
Number of tone mapping algorithms7
Smart Colourspace Adaptation
Post-processing effects69
Tone mapping light effects
Tone mapping detail protection
Optimisation assistant
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Upgrade to HDR projects 5 professional
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